Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Same Rhino, Differant Paper.

So Cheryl found this really cool paper in some package she got and offered it to me to fold.   It was very large and thick,  but I thought I would give it a go with the new wet folding technique I have been exploring ( new to me anyway)

Hopefully it will dry like this
Can't wait to see it without the clips!

I had to re download the PDF
check out that sexy computer!

 This could very well be the best Rhino yet.   There is no foil to hide,  and no color change to mess with.   It had the look and feel of leather when I folded it.   Right now it is drying so I don't want to touch it until t is completely dry.  I still have to play around with the tail a bit,  but I'm pleased with the way the legs are coming out.  Also this one has a little more of a 3 d feel to it.   We shall see how the finished project turns out.   This is about the 7th Rhino I folded,  So I may just be getting better at the folding part.  I'll post pictures tomorrow.
Many other colors to choose from!

Very popular
Other than that,  Cheryl and I have been sewing stockings again.  Red Rudolph seem to be quite popular so far,   so we decided to sew up a batch to replace the 30 we are currently down.  Hope sales pick up soon  now that the election is finally over. 

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