Friday, November 2, 2012

My New Found Blog Time

Well!  I'm Back!   Or at least I would like to think so.   We have finished our English core project and are now preparing for Stocking season in full swing.   To help us prepare....we are now hooked up to the Internet,  we purchased two new computers, and are now set up for printing postage labels so we do not have to hold up the lines at the post office.   Now all we are waiting for is the sales to come pouring in!.....
   And now to fill in the blanks....  I guess first I should mention the new computers.   My ancient Gateway laptop picked a good time to bite the bullet.  by the way...Gateway sucks when they melt down because the drivers that they want you to download fail to work...leaving you pulling out your hair and standing on your head to make them fit!   Anyway,  I'm not sure how we got the thing to work before,  but I could not figure it out...and Cheryl has been wanting to buy new computers  we decided now was the right time.   We purchased two identical 11" Sony laptop computers and they ROCK!   To be fair,  new/ latest technology is always a good thing.   but there guys can do so much more...   We still have Cheryl's old computer set up to print the labels. But once we get our new printer,  I imagine we will retire that one as well. 
   So the stockings are beginning to sell a little faster now,  and people are requesting names and special orders.   We are stuck in the "limbo" phase where we are not sure if we should hold off on making too many,  or work on selling the ones we sewed all summer first.   There is the remote possibility that we could sell out of key ones before the actual Christmas season officially kicks off.    as for now,  our official stance is to keep the levels set and up to our pre determined levels.  Whatever it takes to maximize profits!
  Other than that,   we have been trying to stay busy and learn our way around the new computers so we know how to use them to their maximum potential when we have to rely on them for stocking production/ re listing/ and printing.  New technology is always a little confusing at first...until you familiarize yourself with it's features.  The bright side is that I can now keep up with my blog postings once again....hopefully I will add a few more pictures and postings now that I have access at home.   Then again,  it took me a while to ween myself off the Internet and I'm not looking forward to becoming addicted again.    We shall see..

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