Thursday, November 8, 2012

Rhino Day 2....

So this is the second day of messing with the Rhino.  Sculpting is one of the more time consuming parts of Origami.   You COULD just fold it and have it look like a piece of paper that is roughly shaped like an animal....OR  you could spend hours fussing with each part to make sure it looks more like the animal and less like a piece of folded paper.   I'm sure the truth exists somewhere in the middle for each and every artist out there.

Rhino without clips
Still working on back legs

And they all differ on where that certain stopping point is.   As for me....I want to make this one look the most like a rhino than any previous attempt.  So  Out with the brush,  methylcellulose and heat gun to make the parts behave the way I want them too,  I still have to work on the back legs and tail...and I've been trying to give the head and front legs a little more expression so he does not look so "stiff".

Smiles from Sales! Isn't she cute!
Polar bear will be very popular

8 Names out of 12 stocking
 Anyway,   Cheryl and I have also been sewing and packing things as the sales come in.   I only do the origami AFTER it is all done and out the door.   Today there were quite a few names as well and foreign orders.   The non-US people are probably figuring out to buy early so their items will arrive by Christmas.  It's good for us because it is a bit of a head ache explaining to the last minute shopper that their Christmas  stocking will not arrive by Christmas

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