Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Stocking Rainy Season for Stockings has begun!

I was going to say Monsoon but I'm not sure if that is spelled correctly,   which,  judging from the lack or red under the word,  I'm assuming it is.
Packages Ready For shipping!
Names Galore!

Anyway,   We had some serious sales today along with lots of names!   YEAH!  LET'S OPEN THOSE FLOODGATES!    It was also a nice day for everything else.   We received our felt order finally so we were able to work on some of the stockings that are down to 4 stockings so we made that a priority.   Rudolph have been the most popular as a whole ( just like last year)   but we had prepared for them making several batches well in advance.  Still,   even with all that advanced prep work,   even they are getting low now.  
No!  It's no mine.
Glad to know another Ethan exists!
   Speaking of names....and Black Bear stockings.   I personalized a stocking for someone WITH MY NAME!   I'm aware that Ethan Is becoming 0ore and more popular with the younger generation.  However,   when I was growing up....No one ( I mean ....NO ONE)   had the name Ethan.   The first time I met another kid named Ethan,  I was a Junior in college...and the "kid" was 4 years old.   Anyway,   I was teased mercilessly when I was growing up because Ethan Allen was the name of the furniture store...And the humor was lost on me when I was 6 years old.   But alas,  I now can look back and say that My name was on the cutting edge of becoming popular...I was just 20 years too early. 
Money makes Cheryl Happy!
Finally, Green Black Bear replenish
   Well,  I hope everyone enjoyed veteren's day and you all have a great week .   I'm hoping our week continues down the same road as today.   There is something fun about being swamped with orders so that you can think of only how to get things out in a timely manner.  Call it Zen or mind clearing....or total exhaustion.    Which ever word you choose,  it's probably the correct one.

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