Sunday, November 4, 2012

Lazy Sunday With the Cats

Rasha Relax
Secret Friends
It is a pleasant day here in Iowa where it is overcast and cool but not too cold.  Besides wrapping a few stockings up for tomorrow,  we have been chilling with the cats and some Origami.   I finished the Unicorn I was working on,  But I' m not sure I want to post pictures of it quite yet.
Hiding a cute smile
I voted for the Write In candidate
     Maybe tomorrow.   I was using some prototype paper I made and the results are a little mixed.  Anyway,  The cats have been enjoying our presents at home and enjoy taking a break on the leather sofa with Cheryl.  Cheryl got some of her Sanrio stuff the other day,  other than that,  not much else has been going on..   I hope everyone had a great weekend and , if you have a job,  are looking forward to going to it on Monday.  

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