Monday, November 5, 2012

Latest Origami Unicorns and Frogs

multi colored tree frog
Can change color to match surroundings
Blue looks cleaner, white more artistic
So I decided to take a few pics of my latest origami.   Just thought I would put them up so I can remember them several years from now "back in the day.....  So,  here they are:  I'm rather impressed with the frog out of the multi colored tissue.   I wanted to make it out of one of those colors,  but the paper was this strange strip color instead of several whole colors and I first thought.

Crappy white tissue paper

 Also included are  the unicorn in the blue wrapping paper and the White one in Tissue.   I think the tissue looks better at a distance,  but up close you easily see how crappy the paper looks and the "sloppy" folding I did to mold the legs to shape.   The Blue is not much better,  but at least it looks a little cleaner and less torn up.

Finally!  Wet folding turning out as planned
Best looking Lafosse Frog
The Other forms are wet folded cardstock.   I am finding the methylcellulose to be rather pleasant to work with on the right paper and for the right diagrams.   I have not even touched the Hanchi paper from Korea or the Washi paper from Japan yet.   There is just Sooo much out there left to learn in both paper,  folding and the various techniques.
The crazy color paper actually is quite striking!
  Reminds you just how vast Origami is.   And that is just a small subset of everything in the world.   One lifetime is not enough to learn everything there is yet to know.    Hope everyone that happens upon this is having a great Monday/weeks so far.   If not..  CHEER UP!  Things can only get better, and tomorrow is a brand new day!

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