Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving! With Plumbing!....That works!

This hole is Right outside our Bedroom window
running the snake down the pipe.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone!  I hope you are having one as great as ours,  made that much better because they fixed our sewage problem!  YEAH!  It was touch and go for a while as they only had one day to fix it and the problem continued to get worse.  But,  Apparently,  there is a crack somewhere in the yard and they only fixed it by clearing out the roots that had grown in side.   There is probably a major project yet to come...but for how,  they fixed it and we can  now flush to our hearts content.  (WOOOSH!)  

Pheasant seasoned and ready for the pan
Router not working...again!
   Other than that,  Thanksgiving for two is rather uneventful.   To spice things up this year,  I attempted to make Pheasant instead of turkey.

The finished Product
Pheasant with orange sauce
Cheryl's treat bowls finally get used
No thanksgiving complete without Gevunsterminer!
   A few hiccups along the way:  Our internet was down and the only recipe I was planning on ( with all the ingredients) was online...and  I did not print it out ( why waste the paper wen we pay for internet now? )  The bird was not a spring chicken...meaning it was rather old and tough.  However,   even with all those missteps,   it still managed to taste good.  I doubt I will be attempting something that exotic again any time soon, however.  It was rather expensive and ultimately,  I could have tried the same recipe  with a more tender chicken and probably would have liked it better. 

Aren't the bears cute!

 Cheryl has been spicing things up as well by purchasing little cutesy things for cupcakes...It's kind of her thing....

Big Scary Origami best yet!
And finally....An origami spider...which looks so real ( in a dark room on the floor)  That Cheryl screamed!  Normally the paper legs are too thick,  but tis one worked out  with methylcellulose and tissue paper.
Hope everyone continues to have a great thanksgiving and we wait with our breaths held for that Black Friday to be HUGE!

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