Monday, November 19, 2012

The Thrill of living in a Vintage Apartment.

For the last three days,  Cheryl and I have been battling/worrying about a small waste water crisis in our apartment.   It appears that the tiling that drains our complex's wastewater is failing....causing water backups,  raw sewage, flooding, and a major anxiety problems for us here on the ground floor.   What really helps is that the upstairs tenants are totally apathetic to our plight and continue to use the water with  reckless abandon!   We have called the landlord.....who just happens to be out of town this weekend.   ( usually they are here quite frequently)   Hopefully ( HOPEFULLY!)   They will get on it tomorrow morning because every flush from the people above us makes me cringe. Anyway,  this has been an ongoing problem, but never quite this dramatic.   We all thought that there was a leak from the upstairs,  but now we know that the pipes just back fact I finally caught the act on film as it was happening.  ( it also happens when everyone washes their clothes.....which EVERYONE did yesterday)   Fingers crossed as this problem gets solved QUICKLY!

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