Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Firing Up The Allenbrite Studio!

   cranking the Etsy Store, Allenbrite Studio! Cheryl has been working on getting the Etsy Shop back online AllenBrite Stockings are Now available!and trying to hammer out the details for a “smoother year” this year.  A few changes that are exciting is that she wants to introduce several new colors to the palette.  And to save us time and money,  she has adopted a new way of displaying them to the potential customer.  Check out these EXCITING COLOR!

This is cool because it gives Customers something to visualize while allowing us to NOT have to make EVERY SINGLE DESIGN IN EVERY SINGLE COLOR….  That is simply a LOT of work..AND,  very expensive!  AND, we never know what colors will sell best for each design. 

 In EVERY design!In previous years, we made every design in every color and some designs just did not “gel” with   certain colors.  ( remember the Orange Moose design?)  Except the Orange Moose...No one wanted the orange moose..... Well,  Since Cheryl wants to add less stress and headache to this stocking season,  we are trying to predict how to best connect with people without having to answer endless convo’s  and offering to do custom stockings.  Hopefully, people will find it new and refreshing and purchase stockings in DROVES….making us RICH BEYOND OUR WILDEST DREAMS!  ( We shall see….)   Each listing  is a lot of work ( time-wise) and Cheryl is only able to do a handful every day.  Still, it is FAR LESS than if we had to make each one and take its picture. 

Chances are she will be working on these things while I am busy scoring the Project for Pearson Pearson project on the Horizen. coming up next week.  Ah Pearson….And I was enjoying my slothfullness so very very much.  I guess it is about time to get back in the saddle,  for a short time anyway.   I’m not sure what else there is to do.  Hopefully I will get an Email as a reminder this Friday to update the status.  And THEN…Hopefully qualify and hang on to the project for the duration.  Money is always welcome…..and I suppose I have the time….since I’m not really folding much lately.

Cheryl running....for new and farther distances! Other than that, Cheryl has been running 15 miles every day now….Or so it seems.  She has run 285 miles in the month of August alone!   She wants to see if she can top that before the next Marathon in the twin Cities.  Her theory is that if you run A LOT….26.2 miles will seem like nothing.   I guess there is value in that assessment.   Ultra-Marathoners seem to think that way…and I guess it works for some of them.  We shall see.

Not much else happening here.   Cheryl has the Glow Run Saturday Night.  Glowy things!   Time to secure the Equipment!    I’m not sure if any pictures will turn out in the dark…or even if I will even be in position to take any at all!  We did purchase a bunch of “glowy things” to make the event festive. Glowers on their Marks!  Cheryl plans on running her next 20  mile training run before the short 5K Glow Run….so chances are she will be tired or sore  for the event.   Besides,  it is just a 5K….a “fun run”  so there is no need to try for a personal 5K record here….in the dark….Will the start look like THIS?.with obstacles and pitfalls all around.  Better just to have fun and take it slow.  ( and get the medal!) 

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