Thursday, September 3, 2015

Allenbrite Studio First Sale of 2015

Navy Wolf.....I did the Buttons!  YEAH! That’s right!  Less than 8 hours after listing our first three stockings ( under the new format) we have already made a sale.   A Navy Blue Wolf Stocking.   Of Course we did not have it ready to go…so we had to make it this afternoon.  It was weird firing up the sewing machine and trying to sew on a button after 9 months.  But, similar to riding a bicycle,  I jumped in and knocked it out. Like Riding a Bike.....Only a "little" first.     

Cheryl did well as well. ( That is a strange sentence.)  Nice to know there is very little of a “relearning” curve when it comes to the stockings.  Perhaps this is an “Auspicious Omen” for things to come this year.   Or not! Auspicious Lucky Cat?  It is difficult to remain “Suspicious” of an “Auspicious” omen, but history has taught us to not get our hopes up too high….overconfidence can be devastating when things do not work out as planned.   ( I’ve never used the word  “auspicious” before, but it is a popular word in Japan.  In case you don’t know… means good luck!  That is right, I had to look it up too!   Hurray for Sophomore Vocab!)Auspicioous Budda?



In addition to the shipping,  Cheryl was able to list several more additions to the shop, and, as I write this, she is answering questions that have been piling up for months  on the “conversation side” of Etsy.     I offered to answer the questions, but she thinks my messages are long and sometimes confusing.  I actually think that vague responses are irritating…but what do I know? 

nothanks to Etsy Custom StockingsMost likely, she is giving them the “We are not doing that this year….” speech over and over again  Namely,  custom stockings such as dogs and people are not going to be allowed.   They take too much time and cost more money that we gain from the effort.  As I write this,  I’m willing to bet that that policy will change when the heat of the season comes on…but what do I know?   I just sew on the buttons….

uline  On another note,  we discovered that we are low on a few things,  like post cards and stickers for the shipping labels.  Time to look up that U-Line account. U-Line has a bunch of  wholesale office supplies and equipment.   It’s like a candy store sometimes, when the mood is right.  Similar to Staples or Office Max…only BIGGER!

 recovery-time for the 20 Mile Run.


So, Tomorrow is our 20 mile run….We will have to get up early to beat the heat of the day.   Even this morning,  Cheryl complained that the heat was pretty bad after only a half hour after sunrise.  She still has the Glow run coming up on Saturday, so I’m hoping she takes it easy for this long run.   This week has not had as many “Recovery Days” as usual….so some fatigue may be setting in.  Then again  The Glow Run is only a 5 K , so it should not be too much effort to finish.   I can’t wait to get some pictures! 

Hope everyone is having a great week so far.   Tomorrow is Friday for all those who sadly have jobs….so things are looking up!   Then the “Long Weekend” will be upon you.   Enjoy!

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