Saturday, September 12, 2015

Pearson Training woes!

    Three hours of trying to figure things outToday was the first day of training for my Pearson Project.  I still am not sure what it is…something about English I think.   The Reason…is because for the first three hours I was trying to figure out how to get the Epen System to work!   I guess they changed a few things over the last month or so…and now I had to download ANOTHER browser…..and upgrade it several times to get the Epen system to work…..Technical support to the rescue!

Of course this took longer than expected.   And I was tip-toing through a minefield trying to figure out the problem and not mess up my other operating systems on my computer while trying to fix this one.  Thankfully, I was able to chat with online help….but they seemed as lost as I was ( though he DID eventually point me in the right direction….Yeah!) This could get ugly!

Wrestling with technical problems is usually an exercise in frustration….turning me green as mentioned in previous posts.   However, I was able to quit before I turned down the dark path.  EPEN!   SMASH!!!!!! I still have several days of there is no rush at the moment.  And seriously,  how can you handle online training when you are flirting with insanity?  Best to start back up fresh tomorrow.

I wonder what Browsers I DON"T have at the moment! You might be thinking:  So what?   You get paid for this, right?    Well that is the thing…all that tech fuss was not on the clock.  I guess I can ( AND WILL) add in the hours later this week.  If ONLY Pearson had not banked on the Java and Shockwave add-ons that Google Chrome and Explorer dumped!  The Last remaining browser that supports Java? Now I have to open everything in FOXFIRE!   A Browser I have never heard of!  Maybe they are up and coming…maybe they are so old that they are the last ones with Java and Shockwave on their platforms.  We shall see how things pan out….Hopefully I’ll at least train a bit and find out what I’m supposed to be scoring.( Something about English, I think…)  Wish me luck!

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