Saturday, September 26, 2015

When in Doubt…Try Flying A Kite…

Look at the JOY a Kite BringsWith little to write about lately,  I decided over the last couple of days to fly a kite.  I purchased one at the Omaha Half-Marathon and have been itching to give it a go on these wonderful fall days.  A couple of things…..

One…I have not flown a kite since Grand Haven…..along the beaches of Lake Michigan.  To say I’m rusty might be a bit of an understatement. Not that I was ever a “Pro” to begin with….I can count the number of times I flew kites during my childhood on one hand!  Why is the Wind " Just Wrong" all the time.Perhaps the desire to fly one in my later adult years has something to do with trying to capture a previously unrealized childhood dream.

Second…..a key ingredient for flying kits… need WIND!   You would think living in Iowa, there would be a SURPLUS of wind.  Heck,  when I purchased my toy helicopter several years ago…I could not even attempt it outside because the wind would blow it all over.   But the second I purchase a kite to adapt  for the location…Woosh!   Gone!RC Copter flying!

  Ok, perhaps my inner Skeptic is taking over.   There IS wind here most of the time….just not enough to fly a kite I guess.  RC Copter falling.....Just enough to keep you from playing with toy airplanes and RC helicopters  outside, though….The Wind represents that perfect spot in life that keeps simple humans from achieving happiness.  I’m used to it. Life would be too boring if happiness could be achieved on the cheap.  That was why I spent the money to buy the “expensive” kite…..

Is a balloon as much fun as a Kite? You see,  simple kites just float up in the air and drift off like a helium balloon….yeah!  Look at it float up and up…

But like helium balloons, after the initial “Wow!  It Rises!” feeling has subsided,   it gets pretty darn boring.   That is why I purchased a “STUNT KITE!”  One where I could control and dive and dart around the air!   RRRROOOWWWWW!   WHOOOOSH!  ( Dive Bomber sounds.  Similar to  the Light Saber sounds I make when Playing Jedi….)  Heck NO!  Kites are WAY more fun...even thoug I have never flown one personally....

Unfortunately,  Stunt Kites require a second person….and most importantly…WIND!  Lots of  steady Wind!  With enough wind I could skip the humiliating step of asking Cheryl to help me fly a kite.  Not that she would do it anyway.   I’m Pretty Almost Positive sure that she would refuse…..and even though I know this..I would STILL probably most likely beg for her assistance….where, IFThis is why kite flying is a TEAM effort...., in all unlikelyness she DID assist me…it would be ugly.   She would throw the kite up upside down or backwards and then announce that I have, “one more try before I go back home.”  putting additional pressure on me.  And I simply can’t handle that burden of expectations.  Especially when there is no Wind.    So… I sit….inside on a wonderful fall day…..Because the wind in Iowa has let me down. 

Other than that….we have a Marathon coming up next weekend. ONE WEEK TO GO!!!!   Only 5 more days until things begin to get crazy.   Cheryl will be chasing down that Boston Qualifying time and I will be chasing down Cheryl with the camera,  Trying to get the best possible race photos.   AND  I hear there are TONS of Mascots to capture…..the Hunt will be on.  Mascot-Marathon

Hope everyone is enjoying their Fall Afternoon…..even if you live in Iowa  and are NOT flying kites today.  Maybe there is more wind in your area.   My guess is that the “FUN” in flying kites must be Awesome, because I have yet to experience it to the MAX as an adult.   And we Humans make things out to be mythical whenever we can not experience or capture them.      

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