Saturday, September 5, 2015

Preparing to Glow!

North Liberty Glow Run!Tonight is the 5K Glow Run in North Liberty, Iowa.  We have been preparing for this “Fun Run” for a while now.  By “preparing”  I mean:  Buying glowy stuff!  What good is a glow run if you do not glow in the dark?  Spooky! I guess the event organizers will have a stash of glow sticks there for people to “Light Up” the night, but we are not leaving things to chance.   Besides,  I  hear that there is a Prize for the “Best Glow Outfit” and the only way to have a chance is to bring your own stuff.  Perhaps I can win a Teddy Bear. 

VERY HOT Summer DaysThis week has been very hot…even in the mornings. Cheryl decided to limit her long run to a short 14 miles this week.  I believe this was a wise decision because the heat was pretty bad, AND all of her training plans suggest a “shorter than 20” mile training run this week. No 20 Mile Run Is worth THIS> There is no point in overheating when a 20 mile long run is not necessary.    Besides,  This Glow Run is still an official “RUN”  so Cheryl will want to do her best…even though I suggest that she should take it easy. ( It IS only 5K after all,  Hardly even a WARM UP for her!)  It would be cool if she could get a first place senior or Age group  trophy ( Again!)Age Group Prize? ….but I would hate to have her  do something bad in the dark.   It IS just a fun run after all.

As for me,  I plan on taking as many pictures as I can ( in the dark!) and writing a detailed, play-by-play recap of the events as they  unfold. ( in the dark!) the-glow-run from another Dimension. I’m curious how my pictures will turn out with limited flash and lighting.  Maybe they will be all “4th Dimensional” and artistic…..instead of clear and intentional.   We shall see. 

Cheryl just informed me that it is not called ”Senior” age group…and is instead called “MASTER” class.   Master is so much more politically correct AND domineering.   I can see why she is so Adamant about the change.   I feel this is an opportunity for me to pay back Cheryl for all those times she called my Army Awards “Trinkets” instead of “Medals.”   Not Senior......  I guess this is one of those situations where a “Fairly  Accurate” word might not be the Right word.  Plus,  Since Old People have taken over the word “Senior”,  Cheryl thinks that people will begin to think she is in the 65+ age group.   ( She already gets AARP Literature in the mail….It’s TRUE!)MASTER! Class..... Not that MASTER brings much of a better image…to MY mind anyway.  So…I’m forced to write this tiny footnote…explaining the difference between Senior and MASTER divisions in running.    AND to present a Mental Image for everyone as to how Cheryl wants to be perceived.

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