Wednesday, September 9, 2015

September Stockings.

September Stockings! YEAH! A mid-week post about the “goings ons” of Team Allenbrite.   It’s funny that the stockings are selling in September, but not completely unusual.  We have several years of previous data to show us exactly how many stockings we can expect to sell in September.  ( Approximately, anyway)    However,  It appears that Cheryl was not ready for this many sales this quickly. You see…  It usually only takes a few minutes to knock out a single stocking.   A few minutes more for a second or even a third.  However…..the moment you hit four or more stockings,   things begin to drag.   I’m not sure why that is. ( Ok,  I have Some idea of why this happens…I’ll explain) A Sigmoid Function.....Kinda like our stocking producction....

By the same token,  after a certain number of stockings, the time levels out.   Like around 20-30 in a single day.  ( 20 stockings will take 4 hours, 30 stockings will take about 4.5 hours!)   The reason is most likely from the organization of materials, redundancies,  and steps.  There is a formula to all this…..and here is where my inner math geek comes out!   It is called a  Sigmoid function!

An Equasion....Kinda Like our Stocking Production. This is an “S” shaped graph on the where the rise begins slowly but then quickly builds.   After a certain time, the line/rise levels out somewhat….but usually continues to rise at a greatly reduced slope.   We used to graph these equations all the time….not in Algebra or Calculus ( although that IS where you learn how to do the math)   But rather…In BIOMETRY!  ( Time to let my Inner Fisheries Geek take over!)  Example:   Fish breeding populations at very low densities grow very slowly.   ( It takes two to tango….and where it is difficult to find a mate,  reproduction suffers)  However…as the population of fish rises,  pairing up becomes easier and BOOM! Whale Eating All the fish....Wait,  What now?   The Population of Fishies ( Fish-EE-s)  EXPLODES!   (Yeah! Biology!!)

But then…..Life hits a wall…..There are too many fishies to feed in that area!    The population will either die off,  Starve…Move out,   Or get eaten by a very big whale….Keeping their numbers below a certain threshold.    See how I inserted MATH, BIOLOGY, NATURE, AND Small Stocking Business Production all together.  Isn’t Learning FUN? A Bored classroom.   Kinda Like our Stocking Production.   Wouldn't I be a Great Teacher? 

Probably not, as I easily get distracted and would end up boring the kids instead of inspiring them.   But this is one of those moments when kids ask : “When will we ever use this math stuff anyway?”    And here would be my answer:   “The Next time you are trying to find the sustainable population of Tuna in the East Indian Ocean,  DUH! That…And Paying Taxes!” ( I probably would not be a good role model either.)  A School of Cod....Hey wait!  How did we get here again? 

So….how did I get here?   I was going to simply post about a few stocking sales and I end up discussing the carrying capacity of the North Atlantic Cod Fishery!   Sometimes it is difficult to forget all that junk you learned in College…even though you are most likely never going to use it ever again…..( Other than to “impress” people at parties and events,  Since I can’t do any magic tricks.)  Everything I learned,  I learned from the Discovery Channel....Oh,  And College... sometimes. Then again,  Most people could get this information  off of the Animal Planet or Discovery Channel.   Ah well,  I guess sometimes I just write stuff to fill the endless void that is my life. 

Hope everyone is enjoying the Mid-Week. 

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