Saturday, September 19, 2015

Omaha Packet Pickup and Expo

Missed Nebraska, but go the Omaha Welcome So here we are in Omaha.  Nebraska…..Actually that is not true…we are actually in Carter Lake…a small section of IOWA inside the city limits of Omaha Nebraska.   Do a Google Maps search and check out the weirdness!   I guess years ago, the Missouri River flooded…then receded, leaving an entirely different boundary for the state line.   Iowa Sued for the rites to the lost land….and WON….but then forced the residents to form a new city that was cut off from Iowa and the opposite side of the river….the Nebraska side.   Confused?   That’s Politics! On our LONG walk to the Expo    

Packet Pick upAnyway,  a quick boundary jump and we are on the Nebraska side again.   We found the “Expo” and Cheryl picked up her racing packet with all her goodies and Racing Shirt.    The Expo was so small I forgot to even take pictures of it!  I guess this marathon/half marathon/5K/10K is rather small.  Half Marathon is the Popular on herePerhaps 2000 participants…..For a city as large as Grand Rapids ( Michigan)  I’m thinking this is rather disappointing.   We overhead some locals that were next to the start line wondering what was going on….I guess they had not even heard that a marathon was going on tomorrow…

Pedestrian Bridge from Below Nebraska "Yachts"   Ah well,   To kill a little time and take in the sites,  Cheryl suggested we cross over a pedestrian bridge that crossed the Missouri River.  While there, we watched some boats,  some Bumble Bees, and some moths.   In addition,  we posed with the state line.   That is Pretty Much all the sites of Omaha we took in.Cheryl in two States!

Other thanEthan in Two state....Looking Heroic! that, we discovered something cool…..HONEY BROWN! HONEY BROWN!  YES!  They have a stash here in Nebraska.  (Not sure why Iowa had banned my favorite beer.)   In The Treasure Find!addition,  we found a local brew….and some soft drink that is sure to boost Cheryl Performance tomorrow.      

So that is it!  Kind of a boring post. A Local Brew....with Luck!  Usually there are more pics and cooler things to talk about…but this is Nebraska!   Take Iowa….remove the Pigs, A Soft Drink....brewed with Luck as well......anything helps on race day!soybeans, and Trees and you have Nebraska.  Ok perhaps that is a little harsh.   Cheryl thinks I’m in a “mean” mood today because I said her hair was poofy.   Perhaps it is the pre-race jitters….or she has become a Diva Runner….But I would like to think my comment was made in jest for the sake of comedy and not out of spite. It's not every day you see a QUEEN bumble bee!!   AND  she is mating with a drone.....   This is rare!  I had to capture this. But what do I know……I’m thinking no matter what the results are tomorrow…..this trip has already been a success by locating a stash of Honey Brown!…..What could be better than that?  ( Ok,  Maybe a new PR for Cheryl’s half marathon time…..we shall see.)   Wish us luck tomorrow!   The weather is supposed to be pleasant and the race is literally a stones throw away.  ( ok, about a mile and a half…..but it’s close!)  The only way for Cheryl to get out of her Diva mood is to do something awesome.   ( Fingers crossed!)

Enjoy the rest of the pics!

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