Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Instead, Imagine Pretty Butterflies…..

Things could look better, but this is not a good sign. Well, the Pearson Qual sets are looking pretty grim.  I finished the last training set and did my first of two Qual sets…..let’s say things could have been better.  I’m not sure if it is reassuring or disheartening to think that I missed it by so little.  I don’t think that barely passing will give me as much confidence as you might think.   Instead of sticking to vagaries,  I’ll just say that I missed the first Qual set by one in two of the four domains….and missed it by one non-adjacent in one of the other domains.   So…FAIL!   Please Try again.
I have only one more Qualification set to get it right….so..no pressure!   You think I would be a little more anxious about this, however,  I’m mentally drained after slugging through that last set of papers….Funny how scoring really taxes your mind.  I’m unusually tired for this time of day, and I’m guessing that the reading and evaluation of papers is the blame. Stockings are picking up? On the other hand,   we sold three stockings today, and I had to take time out to do the names on three and the buttons on two of them.   Looks like I will find things to do in my spare time without scoring…should I fail the next Qualification set.  So…No Pressure!
Swarms of Monarchs!  Other than that,  Cheryl and I went on a 14 mile tapering run this morning.   It was a nice day and Cheryl ran at a level she can be proud of.  ( especially after that 22 mile long run.)   A couple things of note were the butterflies!   Lots and LOTS of butterflies.   Monarchs of IowaMonarchs must be getting ready for their long flight to Mexico.  We would pass by large clusters of field flowers and the Monarchs would swarm over us as we passed by.   It was similar to being in a butterfly garden!  Bummer I did not have the camera to take a few pics or video of the event.  Maybe they will still be out there for our next long run.
Hops in the Wild!   It would be a shame to waste them..... In addition to that, I discovered something unusual…..Wild HOPS growing along the trail!   What are Hops,   you ask?     Hops are a Key ingredient for BEER!   I have never seen them except on beer labels and posters.   So, To find Hops growing Wild on the trail makes me want to go out and pick some so I can take a stab at brewing my own beer!    We shall see how motivated I am about it perhaps later this week. 
So, Wish me Luck on the Final Qual set!  If I pass YEAH!  I’m not only smarter than I sometimes think..But will be able to have employment for three weeks.   If I Fail!   Ah Well….What are you gonna do?   I will focus on stockings and  maybe blog more.   Blogging is a way to ease the depression a bit.  And it exercises my fingers! 

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