Monday, September 28, 2015

Full Lunar Eclipse!

Sure is  bright for an Eclipse! If you missed it,   There was a FULL Lunar Eclipse last night.   I tried my best to capture the event with our lowly Nikon….but the camera’s “safety feature” ( to keep you from taking bad pictures at night) Open shudder plus wobbly Ethan makes for "Shooting Star Moon!" would kick in and leave the shudder open for 3-5 seconds longer than normal.  This would cause me to wobble and distort the image.   I did manage to capture a couple of “almost decent” shots.  But the NASA web site had much better pictures  ( and video!) of the event as it happened.  

 An even BETTER picture of the eclipse Finally, a picture that almost turned out! It was a sight to behold.   Even though I’m technically not a astronomy geek,  it is cool to look up at the night sky and see something that will not occur for another 20 or so years.  ( last one was in 1986,  I think….)   The moon never really disappeared behind the shadow of the earth.  Instead, it turned a deep orange/red.  One of the last ones.   Looks brighter than it really was.   Shudders let too much light in..

Cheryl was outside with me for this one…at least for the first two hours of the shadow.   We decided to call it after the moon went completely dark.   I continued to monitor it online in real time….occasionally darting out to check the progress here in Iowa.    After the Moon moved behind the large tree by the apartment,  the visibility was compromised.  Not that it mattered much as I simply could not capture it with the camera. 

So…if you missed it….you will have to wait for another 20 yeNASA's Photos are better!!ars for the blood moon full lunar eclipse to happen again.   Then again…perhaps you really do not care about the night sky much as you tend to sleep during those hours. Total-Lunar-Eclipse-in-Athens I hear ya….not everyone is a  night owl like myself.   However,  sometimes you are rewarded for staying up past your bedtime.  Sunsets, Northern Lights,  Falling Stars and Lunar Eclipses just to name a few.

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