Monday, September 14, 2015

Pearson, Asteroids and Beach Boys…..Oh My!

So today marks the third day of Training for Pearson EHS project.  Technically I did not do much on Saturday, due to the Technical problems.  But Yesterday I slugged out the 82 page Training and today I took my first stab at the “Practice sets”  stress

Practice” is putting it kindly….It should instead be called :” Exercise in Demoralization!”   Your first practice set…Unless you are AMAZING… usually a total nose dive.   You study your anchor papers and match up the ones that “seem similar”, only to have a big red X drop on your head.   AND…..This is a 4 Domain 6 Score Point Rubric!   24 things that can go wrong!  (This probably does not make much sense to people outside the scoring world…..but it is difficult to wrap your head around it.

Anyway, I plan on Qualifying tomorrow…..Or not!   Putting my Intelligence to the test is always something that scares, motivates and frustrates me.  Besides that,  We sold 4 stockings today, and I had to take a time out to embroider names and sew on buttons.   Sooooo….If I DIDN’T pass the Qual set ( I really would be irritated if I did not!)   The silver lining is that I would be freed up for stocking production.  Murphy's Law dictates that when I have free time, the stocking sales will dry up…so add in more incentive to pass the Qual set.

asteroid2In addition to trying to understand English…I occasionally jump into You Tube for my daily dose of “Bad World Syndrome”   And found out that in addition to being scared of Rouge Cops…..The Earth is supposed to be hit by a giant Asteroid sometime in the later half of THIS MONTH!   And Here I was afraid of Global Warming! 

Well,  you can imagine after the total panic phase of human emotions,  I calmed down realizing that there was yet another reason why qualifying for Pearson was not as vital as I might have thought.   If we are all going to die in a couple of weeks, well…..what is the point?

Other than World Destruction and Mental Failure….I discovered several songs of the Beach Boys I have never heard before.   I actually thought I had heard them ALL…..I was a HUGE fan ( still Am!) Back in High School.  So here they are…Enjoy!

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