Wednesday, September 16, 2015

The Good, The Bad, And the Happy!

bad_news_vs  I have GREAT news!   I also have some bad news….perhaps I should start with the bad news so I have something to look forward to.

Ok,  First the BAD news then….I failed to pass the final Qualification set for Pearson.   I know, I know.  Bummer!  I feel “kind of” bad.  I mean,   This means I will not have any income from a job for the next three weeks.   Also, I May have jeopardized my future employment prospects for Pearson….specifically,  for THIS particular English Project.  I’m not sure if they give you a second chance to score a project you once failed to qualify for. Is "close enough" ok? In my defense, and to make me feel slightly better,  I did much better on the second Qual set, missing only ONE point and having NO discrepants this time. ( Soooo close!)   But a failure to meet the standard is still a failure…so…no scoring for me. I almost made a wrong turn....

And Now the GOOD news!   I failed to pass the final Qualification set for Pearson!   I know, I know!    WHEW!   That was a close one!   I ALMOST passed….dooming me to a “JOB” for the next three weeks!  Everyone who knows me should know that I Hate working.   ( for a job, that is)  And besides,  We sold four more stockings today!   I had to embroider names AND sew on the buttons.   Who could do those things while having a job anyway?   ( Ok, Granted, it is just scoring. At Least I don't work in only underwear....   You can do it at home!)   I guess this proves that I like the “Self Employment” gig better…..except for the sporadic income, greedy government, lack of “benefits”,  and unruly customers.  Ah yes!  ( Breaths Deep)   Nothing smells like the freedom of working for yourself.   ( cough!)

So,  now I have more time to blog.   This is how blogging “helps” when life throws you a curve ball.  ( Swing!  Miss!  Ah well, that was going  foul anyway!)  I have to admit that that was a challenging project.  swing-and-a-miss  but a "good" kind of miss..... I may have been able to “get it” with time and persistence.   I only had 32 papers at my disposal to formulate a working formula for the scoring system. an example of My Incomplete Mental Flow Chart... I know that the training is meant to qualify the most people in the shortest amount of time, but some of us need more data before coming up with a working theory.   That is just the “Biologist/mathematician”  in me.  (And not because I’m “slow”  at learning new things…..usually.) 

OMAHA_HomepageRotation_EBlast_15 With the Half Marathon in Omaha coming up,  there will be much less time for reflection.  I’ll have to play the supporting role again, and that will require concentration.  Hopefully, Cheryl will clock a decent run time this race to further build her confidence before the big Twin Cities Marathon.  The weather may still be a factor as it has changed, yet again, from a few days ago.  I guess it “may” be cooler…..which is better than “hot”.   We shall see. 

Cats Bring I hear anyway. Hopefully everyone else who reads this is experiencing  Good Fortune, or at least “narrowly escaping disasters” in your day to day life.   Sometimes things work out for the best, no matter how bad they may seem at the time.  As for me…I will continue to listen to newly discovered old Beach Boys tunes…..And maybe look up ways to harvest hops and brew beer. Enjoy the latest Tune as we wrap up Summer….


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