Sunday, November 29, 2015

Climbing a Mountain of Stockings

A mountain of Stockings.  More like a rainbow!That is correct!   Team Allenbrite has conquered Or a Landslide....another Everest–like peak of stockings.  I’m not sure of the count,  but resources indicate somewhere around 60 stockings.   We even had to purchase more pins to pin the tops!  

Sewing late last night.   This is how far we got before 11:30....notice the catWell,  Like all great feats,   Rome was not built in a day, nor did we tackle all of these within a 24 hour period.  We split them up over 2 days….Probably Hiro tries to be the shop cat....but he does not help much.should have done thirty one day and thirty the next.  But we decided to do as much as we could until 11:30 P.M. last night and then begin anew today.   Looks like we should finish the pack job around 5:30-6 tonight.   Then we get to do it all over again. 

He bats at things from under the table.You see,  these stockings are from last week.   The stockings that we sold while visiting the fam in Michigan.  Early this morning.   Let's Finish these guys!So after they are all packed up,  we get to work on the ones we sold over the weekend….About 30 more orders.   And since orders range from 1-4 stockings,  there is the potential of repeating this experience again tomorrow!

All buttoned and sewn together....Not to pin the tops.Add in the lovely fact that there is a trial scheduled this week and I have to call in on Monday to see if I have to show up for Jury Duty…YEAH!  If things go really badly….I may have to sit on some trial and Cheryl will need to put the stockings together all by herself.  ( Or wait until I get back from the trial.)   Fingers crossed that they settle on Monday and I do NOT have to go in for Duty.

So November is almost overCheryl tied on tags and prints labels. and I have not written anything outside of the blog since 26000 words.    So looks like I’m not going to reach the goal of 50,000 words this year.  But at least I have a serious start on the story.   And there will be plenty of time after the stocking craze.    Can’t write much when you are sewing stockings until 11:30 each night.  Quick note to future Ethan and Cheryl…who will read this in 2016 trying to remember how things were “last year in 2015”:   make sure you do NOT fall behind!   Seems like common sense wisdom right?   Ah well,  each year we do it at least once during the rush….And eventually we catch up, but not without a bunch of anxiety along the way. Lots and lots of tags!

Oh,  I forgot to mention Cheryl managed to “pull” something on the turkey trot.    Meaning,  She has an injury….Pulled muscle in her leg.    This was not a problem…until yesterday…..When we went out for a short run and it ended even shorter than planned.   And I just picked up my bike fresh from the Bike repair shop!    Her injury was not That bad…but being Cheryl,  She decided to ignore the pain and push through to the half way point.    And then it became “kind of bad”….But instead of listening to her husband,   she continued on until it was thoroughly “Really, Really Bad!”  ( It’s her process)   So today we stayed  home with Cheryl’s leg in traction….trying to catch up stockings while she dangles from the ceiling.   

Ok, I made that last part up.  My healing hands.....Are the Magic?   Ask Cheryl... She is still able to walk and sew just fine, ( luckily) but she has a bit of pain whenever she tries to lift her leg forward.  It works out for me, a little…..Although I may not be able to ride my bike for the next couple of days,   I DO get to message out her muscles in her legs….Which is kind of fun.   And she seems to like it…however,   she does become a handful when she can’t run for more than two days in a row.   So we shall see  if the “Magical Calming Hands of the Great Ethan Allen” can sooth the savage beast that Cheryl often becomes.   Hey!  It works on the cat…sometimes.  The Joy of being on Jury Duty.....

So…..Fingers crossed for no jury duty…..Or if the worst case comes into being…I don’t get selected because of my stunning good looks and far “Right Wing” Political Views.    And that we can somehow climb yet another mountain of stockings.   There is still a little unease when it comes to embroidery, but the Machine is new and has worked out swimmingly.           

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L. D. said...

Yes those rightwingers seem to know what is right and what is wrong. They want mushy minded people who they can persuade. You two are one heck of a team to get all that done. I am sure there are more to be made.


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