Thursday, April 13, 2017

4 Days From Boston. With Origami Rabbits.

7 miles in the morning.
Easter Origami.
Another long day of scoring and I figured I needed to squeeze in this post before I retire.   Cheryl's plans on running tomorrow morning before we leave for Chicago.  We are scheduled fro a late departure, so I'm not sure if I will be able to post anything....  so better to at least blog tonight.

We did the usual errands and I planted additional Origami Easter Rabbits around the local HyVee.   I contacted the lady next door to feed the cat.   Cheryl is now packing our luggage.  Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.
Cheryl's Dinner!

To continue our Boston Celebration feast,  Cheryl purchased an entire Boston Creme Cake!   Personally I wanted to get Boston Baked beans...  But beans?    Well,   You can probably guess the problem with that choice.

Personally, I love Baked Beans! The Army made the absolute BEST!  However,  I'm the ONLY person who would eat them.   And with 12 + hours on a passenger train... Beans might not be the best food to consume "pre-race".   I would not want to create any problems on a long trip in tight accommodations.
Cheryl buys  (and eats!) an entire cake!  ( J/K  I helped a little)

So Cheryl has had her eye on that huge Boston Creme Cake HyVee offers for quite some time.   She always talks herself out of the "Over Indulgence."   But today,  she cracked and brought it home.   It lasted about 20 seconds in the car before she tore into it.  Those Marathoners are VORACIOUS!

Find the Deer in this pic
Couple last things.   I took some pictures of some Wildlife over the last few days.   Never got a chance to post them.   So before they get too old,  I might as well put them here.

Find the Owl in this pic
A deer sitting next to the path and an Owl.  Owls are a challenge to see here in It was noteworthy.

That is all for today.   Tomorrow is travel day and perhaps we will be able to post something while on the train.  We shall see.

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