Friday, April 14, 2017

Day 3 From Boston. Live From the Train!

So here we are in Chicago....  On the train!   And it is pretty cool.  First,  the train is far more spacious than any plane I have ever been on.  We have room to stretch out and relax.   Which is good!  Because we will be on this thing for 24 hours!
Purple Iowa Fields!

But before I get ahead of myself,   I should try to highlight the  Highlights.

Traveling to Chicago is always "fun".  And, even though it was rush hour, we were abe;e to breeze through to the inner city with relative ease.   Probably because the gridlock was on the other side of the Highway....  The people going home on a Friday.

Cherry Blossoms.
One Note!   There are No restroom obviously available in Chicago.  So,  If you absolutely have to go....   You will find that no one offers the accommodations.      And that can be very uncomfortable...
Cheryl waits by the boarding dock

Pigeon loose in the waiting room.
We arrived about an hour early and were forced to pay for an additional hour at some parking garage.  And I'm pretty sure it was the same garage we were supposed to be in anyway.  To make a long story short...  it was all my fault.  That should make Cheryl happy.
Our Luggage

A bit of a trek to the station.
While waiting in the Terminal,  We had to find our train and set up shot to wait the two hours before departure.   Lots of people seem to enjoy the train travel.   Including this pigeon.    I'm not sure how he got in there, but I don't think it was intentional.   He was pretty apt at navigating the hallways though.  I'm sure if he got a few bread crumbs, he might be able to live happily ever after in there.
Self Serve Docking

Cheryl noted that the docking procedure was a "self serve" situation.   We had to walk to our car and board up.   And although the luggage never left our sight,  it was a challenge to lug it 6 city blocks and down the tracks.

We're loaded and Moving!

Ah!   We are finally moving.  Time:   Currently 9:39 PM   We selected a window seat for the best visibility...   at night.

Wouldn't that be Awesome
The schedule says we will be in New York by the time the sun rises again.   We shall see.  Cheryl packed munchies and is currently nibbling them down.   Those Marathoners are Always hungry.

So that is that.  I figured I would try to squeeze this in before the ride gets too bumpy or I lose connection.

And although I would love to keep with the Boston Theme,   We did not bring any Boston Lager on the train.   I doubt it would have been allowed even if we had.   But wouldn't that have been swell?

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Valerie said...

24 hours and no restrooms.... Jeez. Hope everything goes according to plan.


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