Saturday, April 29, 2017

Saturday Fun Run In Muscatine

 A rare day when we were allowed to drive out to Muscatine.   Both Cheryl and I had a small window where we did not have to begin scoring until noon.   We jumped at the chance to run long.

Well,   Long being 10 miles in Muscatine.  Not 14+ miles in Davenport.    But you take what you can get.

We were forced to get up earlier than usual and there was always the risk of rain.   Incidentally, it did begin to rain just before we finished up.   And it has not stopped since!

Currently, ( 6 P.M.) it is gusty with moments of hard rain.  We were very fortunate that we beat the downpour when we did.  Still,  although the pictures might not show it, we both got plenty wet.

While running around the usual spots,  we noted some Pelicans, Geese and Barges.   The Barges look like they were empty, since most of the time they are skimming just a few feet above the waterline.

And so it is back to scoring!   Cheryl is still scoring Pearson 5th grade and I just finished the Texas STARR.   ETS and Pearson are extending the project end dates, so we might have the opportunity to score slightly longer than planned.   Good thing since we need the money.   Ah money....   Like happiness you continue to elude us but for a few brief moments each year.

Hope everyone else is staying warm safe and dry for the remainder of the weekend.   I hear that there is a 90% chance for rain tomorrow as well.   Cheryl has mentioned how much "fun" it was to run long today and maybe we can repeat the experience.  We shall see.

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