Sunday, April 9, 2017

Quiet Sunday In Wellman.

Several days without blogging begins to wear on me.   Surely something must have happened in the Ultra Adventurous Lives of the Great Ethan and Cheryl Allen!   But, alas....  It is simply not true.

There are entire weeks where no car repair, marathon, or plumbing fiasco happen.  Sometimes...  almost good luck actually happens to us. And that is usually in the form of "nothing".

No DIY  Adventures this week.
So that is pretty much what has been happening...  Nothing.  Well,   Scoring I guess.   Cheryl and I have both been scoring for ETS and Pearson.  With Boston less than a week away,  our upcoming week will possibly be FILLED with mis-adventure.   Which is slightly more exciting.  And blog-worthy.

Attack on Titan season two is out!
Couple of things that have nothing to do with anything:  Attack on Titan is back!  It's an Anime.   And I'm a nerd...   There!  I admit it.

Also,  there was a time when "we" liked watching HGTV.    Before the housing bubble,  there was this ridiculous need to flip houses and make them "cool".   ( Do I even have to rehash the 2008-9 disaster?)   Well, housing bubbles happen everywhere and so do the HGTV "Buying a house" reality show.  But the Brits do it better.   Enjoy!

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