Monday, April 3, 2017

Another Rainy Run by the River.

I love alliteration.   There was a time when I would roll my R's  into W's and sounded like Elmer Fudd.   Which would have added to the title a bit:  Cherwul's Wet and Wainy Wiver Wun.   Sounds cute coming from a 6 year old.  However,  it's disheartening when it comes from an adult.   Thank goodness for my speech teacher. But I digress!
Cheryl is ready for Action!

Today Cheryl had a 16 mile run scheduled.  It was purely optional, given that she ran a half marathon already this weekend.
Pelicans coming in for a landing

But she wanted to ensure a thorough training plan preparing for these final weeks.
Pelicans are BACK!
They predicted rain for the last two days, but things looked pretty good heading out.  The sun even made an appearance.

Rain begins.
Temps hovered in the 50's and the sky was mostly overcast...perfect running weather...   And then....

It's getting a little uncomfortable.
At exactly half way out.  ( around 7.5 miles....the turn around point) the drizzle began to come down.   As with all things, it was not bad at first.   But by that time, it was too late to turn back.    We were forced to endure an 8 mile downpour!

Passing the goose with 6 miles to go! 

Even the Trucks are splashing!
It never let up.    I was afraid my camera would get wet, so I limited the exposure as best I could.   Luckily,  we had planned somewhat for this event and had additional dry clothes that we could change into for the ride home.   Nevertheless,  It was still a miserable experience.   As explained by Cheryl's scowl.
Running in the rain! YEAH!  FUN!

Almost done!

Coming in for a landing!

Time to change clothes!

Nothing beats the cold better than a warm Subaru and a Big Mac.  ( ok,  that might not be entirely true.   I can think of lots of warm things to enjoy on a cold rainy day...but this combo is up there!)  The dry clothes helped a lot!  But I still had to wear wet socks and shoes...which keeps everything else just a tad uncomfortable.  But Cheryl managed to finish 15 miles out of the 16.   And not catch Pneumonia.   So it all worked out in the end.

Blue billed Diving Duck.
At least somethings enjoy the rain.  The Pelicans are back!   We also saw groundhogs, coots, rabbits, and tufted diving ducks. ( not really sure of their real name)

Check out those feet!
Watching the water roll off of the Canadian Geese's back was actually quite satisfying.   The water looks like marbles and they slide off.   Must be nice to be totally waterproof like that.
Water off a goose's back
 The geese are getting more aggressive lately.   Must be time to lay those eggs.   They might underestimate me in that I might be easily intimidated.   I caught and tagged these bad boys during those DNR days.  And once you get past those flapping wings, they are not really that scary.  Perhaps one will try to attack me so I can catch it next time and hold it.   They are actually quite fun to pet once you have a hold of one.

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Valerie said...

Anyone who runs in rain deserves a medal, and those who accompany them. Wishing Cheryl better weather conditions for the big day.


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