Sunday, April 16, 2017

'Twas The Night Before Boston....

Parking Stairs
Expo Guardians
And Cheryl and Ethan Frantically comb the city for any hint that will make tomorrow run smoothly.  Cheryl is the lucky one.   All she has to do is run the darn  thing!  See, Easy!

Expo People!  
Lots and LOTS of People!
I have to do all the work!   I have to: Drive. Drop her off.  Find parking. Find a bus. Travel to the start line. Take pictures. ( hopefully of her!) Find a bus again! Travel back to the car and travel to Boston where the Finish line is.   Find Parking There!   And then hoof it to the finish line about 1 mile away to "Hopefully" catch Cheryl as she crosses the finish line.  I have three hours and some change to make it 26.2 miles...with a car in Boston Traffic.  Paying exorbitant Prices for Parking and navigating my way through an unfamiliar city.    See?   Cheryl has it easy!

The entire point of today's travels was to pick up her packet, and try to show me what to do.   The Expo was a zoo as expected.

Packet Pickup.   Guy had a Boston Accent.   Awesome!

Cheryl tries on the race Shirt
Hmmm.  Try posing a little....
 We managed to get the shirt and packet without much incident and only pay $20 for parking for less than an hour.    Cheryl noted that there was not much she wanted there, except a picture of the World Marathon Majors.

Cheryl Finds the Prize!

Oh!   It comes with a Jacket?

After Boston, that is. 
4 More Cities to Go!
 Did  you know that they hand out an additional medal and Jacket upon completion of the 6th race?   Of course you didn't! Even I did not know that.  But now you're in the "Runner's Loop" and  we are all in this together.
Kids Marking up the Poster!  

They offered Graffiti lessons for the Criminals and Children  in the race.   Cheryl is no child, but felt that she was still qualified to add her mark on the poster.
Cheryl steps in to "Tag" the Sign.  

 (Given the loose definition for Vandals)  Not wanting her to commit a crime alone, I recklessly joined in!   Because I'm a Rebel!  And I want everyone to Know!    They Don't call this the John Hancock Race for no reason.
My act of Defiance!   That is how I back Cheryl up.  

Cheryl Runs on Donuts
With the main objective of the morning completed,  Cheryl suggested that we fuel up and head to the beach.   What better place than Dunkin Donuts.

  The only problem was..  Are there any Dunkin' Donuts in Boston?
And so does BOSTON!

Time to get begin Faze two....Or three.   I lost count.

The answer was surprising.   There are MORE Dunkin' Donuts in Boston than STARBUCKS!   That is NOT an exaggeration.   There were  literally Dunkin' Donuts across the street from each other.   And there is a simple reason for it.  Boston is the Dunkin'Donut Headquarters for the country....Maybe even the WORLD!  ( Ok, Maybe not the world, But definitely the country.)

Not the Hamptons? 
Let's see the water.


At least we can walk on the sand.

And pick up junk.

And show off common treasures.

Cheryl has this romanticized idea of what the Coast of Massachusetts should look like.   The actual truth is a little more boring.   To be fair, we did not check out the Hampton, Martha's Vineyard, or Cape Cod.  "They" probably would have never allowed us close enough to even touch the beach even if we had been able to go there. ( And when I say "They"  I mean: Rich People.) The public beach we settled on was nice enough.   Only one shark attack while we were there.   And Cheryl was able to do a little beach combing.   We scored some shells and a sea glass marble.  Currently the marble is her more prized possession....  At least until tomorrow.
Like this rare Blue Frosted Marble Beach Glass.   Wait a sec.

Or this dead thing. 

On to the Finish line!

Next to the House next to the Finish line.

And this sign.   It should be easy to see from here.

Cheryl stops Traffic!   Or is being cited for J walking.

New Sign!  New Year!  
What does the "J" stand for anyway? 
And then, finally,  we checked out the finish line.   Cheryl got the Police to stop traffic for her.   I heard that they just repainted the start line this year.    Heck!  Maybe they do it every year.   But I found the police were most friendly and helpful.   This may also be the only chance I get to see Cheryl this close to the start.   Tomorrow is a wildcard and anything in the plan list could be axed at the last minute.   We shall see how well I'm able to stick to her plan.   I am the General that had to understand the plans, but also has to ultimately win the war.   Sometimes it is better to lose a battle to achieve victory.  (At least that is What George Washington says.  And Who does not like that guy?)

My Military Uniform for this mission

An Army of ONE!   
So,  I doubt anyone will notice,  But I'll be cheering from the sidelines...  where I can.   Maybe Cheryl will notice me.   Maybe not.   I'll see if I can find something to wear that makes me stand out.   We shall see.

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