Thursday, April 27, 2017

Working Working Working!

 So I have not been posting on the blog lately for pretty much only one reason....Work.    Between the two of us, we have 4 jobs currently.  Both of us are scoring SAT and I have TEXAS STARR while Cheryl has a 5th Grade Writing for Pearson.  Whenever we are not sleeping, we are reading papers.

So you can imagine how relieved I can be when the tempo slows a bit.  Like today.   I have about 30 minutes before my shift begins where I can write a short post here.   But really not much has happened over the last 4 days.

Some Quick Highlights:   Cheryl continues to run.  Although it is MUCH earlier and most of the time the distance is shorter.

It has been raining for the past couple of day, but we managed to only get wet on one of them.   I hear that the temps and the rain are going to continue to fall for the next few days.   We shall see how this affects our running motivation.

About the size of a dinner plate!

Not Morals!  But very BIG and COOL!
The Spring has bloomed the Lilacs and the Mushrooms!    We have seen several people in the woods searching for Morals.   It brings me back....and if I had the time, I might actually take a few hours to search myself.   Finding morals is like  finding easter eggs.  You never grow out of it...

And finally,  Cheryl has christened Subie with the 26.2 sticker from Boston!    She even dressed up for the event.

According to the schedule, I will have more time off next week....  Unless Pearson extends the time for Texas Starr.   I do like the money, after all.   But after a break neck pace these last few days,  I would also appreciate a little less stress.   We shall see if I am allowed to post anything.   Then we shall know.

Thanks for Checking in.  And hopefully the cold and rain will allow you to enjoy some warm soup or hot chocolate.  I know that is my favorite thing to do on days like these.

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