Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Another Rainy Day, Another Plumbing Adventure.

I actually did the plumbing a couple of days ago.   We were forced to score yesterday and I could not blog about it then.  I love it when the scoring guys spring a job on you at the last minute. We were under "house arrest" for the day as we tried to gather up as much money as we could in an 8 hour period.
Right tools for the Job

Removing the Seat
But the plumbing was not really much of an adventure... this time.   I noted that either it would be a 5-10 minute job...  or an all day disaster.   There really is no middle ground for a DIY-er.   However,  having done most of the job last week,  and purchasing the proper tools for the job instead of trying to "Half-@$$" it,  I find that the job has a greater potential of working out.
Corrosion vs new seat.

Even the Rubber part is better.
The first round of plumbing was a temporary fix.   And as with all temporary things,  it was guessed it:   Temporary!   The annoying hissing was still present and I knew it would not go away until I replaced the SEAT.   (The small fitting that the rubber comes into contact with.)
Replacing the seat.  Easy!  Done!
  I did not know the size of the wench, so I purchased an "all-in-one" tool that worked out.   Everything came out as planned and I was able to make the sound finally go away.   You can see the corrosion on the old cold water seat.   For the first time in a very long time,  we hear nothing but silence in the bathroom now!  Yeah!
Geared up for the run.

In addition,  Cheryl apparently can not get enough of this rainy weather!   We had to limit our run yesterday due to work, but today she was not going to be held back....even though it was pouring!

Might not look bad....BUT...
The rain was hard.  The wind was strong. The temps were cold.   The run was miserable!   I thought for a second that it was hailing, but instead it was only sleet.  That is right!  Ice mixed with rain was pelting us from all sides.   Cheryl had to admit that nothing good was going to come training  in the rain/snow/ice/wind.  I tend to agree.
Barges being loaded. 

Let's make this a short run today.

And put on dry clothes.
The good thing about being wet and miserable... is it makes being warm and dry that much more pleasurable.   Cheryl is drinking hot tea and I'm hanging out with the cat.   Hopefully the rain will quit for the next few weeks and allow us to get back out there.   In the mean time, looks like some coffee and a warm blanket will have to do.


Valerie said...

It's good that you at least make the effort to do these jobs. My husband was never able or willing to have a go. He was an accountant, he would say, not a plumber.

L. D. said...

I have a major rebuild of my kitchen sink drains. Getting rid of the disposer and piping in a drain. I like it and I hate it. Never does it work out on the first try. I have a dripping tub spigot also in the old house that will have to be a complete new set up. If i ever stop moving things I can get to those looming jobs.


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