Saturday, April 15, 2017

Day 2 on the Boston Countdown. The Trials of Travel.

Old Trains still in use.
24 hours in a train!   There.   I could end the Blog post there and let your imaginations run wild...because they probably would be pretty spot on.

24 hours in any cramped condition is most likely to be unpleasant at best. We made it through because we are troopers!   And Allens!  ( That is probably not the best reason....But Com'on!...  Family pride...  work with me here!)

Cheryl had better view
A few things about train travel for people who are not as poor, frugal, or adventurous  as we are; Trains have quite a bit of leg room!    The seats recline similar to a plane; and they have leg lifts and foot rests.   It is "Almost" like a Lay-Z-Boy chair.  However,   the reclining is just enough to give you aback ache or stiff neck if you plan on sleeping.
Lake Erie

More Lakes!
And with 24 hours of continuous travel,  you are bound to try to catch a few Z's.  I'm sure there is a secret to having a more comfortable experience on a train, but we will have to figure that out later.

Food.   Food was offered,  and expensive.   We brought what we could, but eventually had to give in a purchase from the snack cart.   Traveling in those trains is very dehydration!  I'm not sure why, but most of the budget went to liquids!
More Cliffs!

The scenery was nice.   New York has areas that can be found in other parts of the country.  ( Michigan, Iowa, Tennessee, Minnesota.)   Cheryl captured the sunrise over Ohio.  And I managed to catch a blurry picture of Lake Erie in Pennsylvania.

On the Pivot Part of the Bus!
We both show the wear of Travel.
With all that time,  Cheryl was able to discover a cheaper way to get us to our rental car. (they had free WiFi!)   The Silver Bus  Line!   5 Bucks and boom!   We are there!   We then jumped on another bus to head to the rental terminal.  All these bus rides make me leary about desiring city life.   There is something about driving a Subaru that makes me want to hang on to the Driving Responsibility.  However,   Today I welcomed the part of not having to drive 15+ hours a day in Hostile traffic.    And it was nice not having to worry about parking....for now.   I still have the rental car to worry about on race day...but we shall see about that.

Boston at Night

In the mean time,  I feel terrible.   Lack of sleep,  lack of water,  Too much bad food all add up to me feeling fussy, cranky, and grumps.   There are lots of little stories to mention, but I may have to save those for another day... when I feel more "Genkie"  ( Japanese for: Full of Life)
In the Rain

For now,   The important things to note is that: we have arrived in Boston;  Survived the train trip; Ate too much bad food; and feel beat up and bad.   Luckily, we have a full day to recover before the race.   And, best of all:  I'm not the one doing the racing!   ( We shall see about that.   My race differs from Cheryl's,  but it still feels like I have to put forth some form of effort.)   Thanks for stopping in.

Oh,  And forget about eating anything more "Boston"   There was none of it on the train, and the mere thought of food makes me ache.   So I'll have to find another attraction to mention tomorrow.  We shall see.

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