Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Six Days to Boston!

Cold day Uniform
Cool day Uniform
The count down has finally come to the last remaining week before the big BOSTON MARATHON.  Cheryl is supposed to be tapering for these last few days to reduce the risk of injury while also increasing the desire to run well.  It's a fine line.

Warm day Uniform
Add some Color
To aid in this strategy,  she has been working for Pearson and ETS.   She does not dig on the scoring as much as I do, but at least it keeps her busy and productive.   Otherwise she is similar to an unbridled whirlwind!

Hot day Uniform.
Add some Breeze
The temps have been quite varied over the last few days.   From Cold to Hot to Windy to Rainly,  My guess is it must be Spring or something....   Cheryl's attire varies from day to day ...and sometimes even from mile to mile.   She will start out bundled and end up down-dressing to Marathon Uniform.

Easter Origami

HyVee Origami
As for myself,  I have been folding Origami for the Local HyVee.   Don't worry!  I'm not getting paid for it...   I just randomly dump my extra Origami onto their shelves so they can dispose of it for me.   I rarely have the heart to throw my simplistic creations away. Hopefully someone will enjoy them.
Nothing says "Nutrition" like Origami Rabbits!

Other than that,  I have to work as well.  I have a Pearson project starting soon and ETS is always on the horizon.   Between the two of us and the four projects,  we might be able to rise above the poverty line.   We shall see.

Marathoners Run on Donuts!  I should know...I married one.
In the mean time,   We have been celebrating the 6 days of Boston with Various Boston cultural icons.   Today:   The Boston Creme Donut!   I'm sure we will celebrate with this fancy pasty several times this week.   Nothing says,"Boston Marathon" quite like a Boston Creme Donut!   (Probably because it has the word 'Boston" in the name.)   I look forward to seeing what tomorrow's celebratory Icon will be.   Stay tuned!


L. D. said...

I had forgotten that you did do the Boston last year. I could only do the Boston Cremes. I wish the runner great success.

Valerie said...

Please wish Cheryl good luck with the run. Hope the rain keeps off.


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