Wednesday, April 12, 2017

5 Days From Boston. The Countdown Continues!

Perhaps the stress is building up in me to where it is now visible.   I find that I have been slightly anxious for no real reason.   I could be the upcoming trip...or the fact that I have to work today.

Scoring from home is supposed to be less stressful.   However,  Work is still work and I have to actually pay attention.   Keep validities up and take breaks when I'm supposed to.   I liked the old way where I could show up whenever I wanted, score as long as I wanted;  And take breaks whenever.   As long as my rate and agreement stayed strong...  no one would pester me.   Ah, the good old days...
Rolling hills in Iowa

Cheryl ran a brisk 5 miles today;  choosing hills over the longer flats.   Probably because we had to get home at a reasonable time today.  And before you ask,  Yes!  There are hills in Iowa.  They might be more rolling instead of cliffs...but you still feel them while running.

Boston/ New England Clam Chowder. 
In keeping with the "Boston" theme,  Today I'll be eating Boston Clam Chowder.   Small note:  Boston and New England Clam Chowder are the same thing.   The Red colored clam chowder is actually "Manhattan Style".  ( I looked it up on Wiki!)
Manhattan with Tomatoes 

 Trying to find Boston Clam Chowder in the store is impossible, as most labels push the "New England" title.   Probably to be more inclusive...  Or they simply want to discriminate against Boston for some reason.  (Megalopolist!  I just made that up!)

Cheryl continues to get Emails from Boston,  Fraying her nerves even more.   As if I needed any more pep to add to the anxiety.

Well,  Back to scoring.  My 15 minutes is almost up.   At least I can tap away at my blog during breaks....  one of the perks of scoring at home.  That...  and a fridge full of snacks.

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