Friday, February 13, 2009

Carp a diem.

Only had one seat tonight so I started and finished another panel. This time it was going to be a fish, specifically, a Koi. But I didn't want ti looking as bright as I normally make them so I toned down the colors and ended up with them looking more like plain everyday carp. Even so, Cheryl says that simple "carp" designs are "in". I guess it will depend on if you like Japanese designs or not. Regardless, I think it turned out pretty good. I took several pictures along the way. I wanted to show off a little of the kind of cupboard door I'm usually dealing with. In this case, the people screwed in some paper towel holder on the inside. I had to chisel out and fill in the hole they made. In the end, you cant tell. You might recognise the pelican design from one of the boxes I carved up a couple of weeks ago. I always like it. Pelicans are a cool bird, as long as you are not fishing or a fish farmer.

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