Friday, February 27, 2009

Thursday cram day!

Tonight I had to catch up all the carving for the week since tomorrow is Friday. 7 seats in all! Not a bad last couple of days. I'll be babysitting them all night tonight to make sure they get their second coat and are able to be shipped out tomorrow. Other than that, It has been raining all day today and most of the snow is melted. We have a wonderful "lake" in our front yard and I'm sure the small pond will soon be teaming with "life". (by life, I mean mosquitoes) It was warm enough for a moth to grace our window tonight. And I just had to capture the little maze the voles have been making under the snow this winter. The thaw has finally revealed them. Tomorrow, after our bookstore visit, Cheryl has authorized me to begin our next project. A modern cat post furniture. I can't wait!


MonkAre said...

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Audrey said...

Beautiful seats - still trying to convince hubby we need one. Your work is amazing!!

Audrey said...

um - where did your etsy shop go?

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Sorry Audrey, It's now.... is no longer ( as of now anyway...I may revive it with some panels later on.) You shoudl be able to click on the sidebar of the Blog and it will take you right to allenbritebath.



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