Monday, February 2, 2009

Sunday night catch up!

Only carved up 7 seats tonight. I still need to find the last couple of seats. We are missing one elongated and one standard. I noticed that we sold a few fish this week. Fish have not really been in style for two years now. A few years ago, Trout, bass, pike, and bluegill were all the rage. Even the koi and salmon! But then they just dropped off the radar. It's too bad because I love doing the fish. I used to be a fanatic fisherman, aquarium enthusiast, agriculturist, and fisheries biologist. Now I just carve, but still love fish. I hope the trend continues.

1 comment:

glassidentities said...

I love fish.. mostly eating them.. but I do like to watch them too... I dont decorate with them but I love your seats :) I knew an Ethen Allen a few years ago... great guy :)


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