Thursday, February 26, 2009

I can't believe it's Mitvoch

Where is the week going? It's flying by! Tonight I took the time to finish painting the display case and cleaning up my workshop, which has been a disaster since the two projects. I Was able to fix a couple of clamps that I just recently bought that were slipping. Someone at the assembly plant put them together incorrectly. Rather than whining about it, I took them apart and fixed them myself. I just had to flip the two "catch" components and now they work fine. Hurray for self recovery! With a small caffeine buzz, I also carved up the last three boxes that I have been putting off for some time. Cheryl now says that I have to make a TV stand to match the two display stands. The snapped this picture and says that the TV stand is the one part that looks out of place. That might have to wait till this weekend though, Since I already have seven seats to carve up tomorrow. ( YEAH!)


BOWquet said...

I love those! And I love the color too. :)

diy said...

To my eye these are just the right size and co-oridinate with decor. 10/10

DJ said...

Wow, love those shelves! You are very talented :)


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