Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Panel carving.

Having no seats to carve up, I worked on several other small projects tonight. First, I chipped off my dated carvings from the kitchen cupboard doors and repainted them. (Cheryl got bored of the old grape vine carvings) Then I cleaned up my room and emptied the dust collector. ( a very messy, dirty, dusty, job!) I burned the dust with some scrap wood. Then finally I carved up one of the salvaged cupboard doors that have been in the garage for several months now. I think it turned out pretty good, and I'll finish painting it tomorrow. I wanted to do some bluejays on an oak stump, like a painting I saw once. I thought I could come up with some better bluejay positions for the size I had to fit them into . so I downloaded a couple pictures off the web and free handed the oak leaves. It should look better when it is completely painted.

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Shimmermeblue said...

I ADORE your stuff! Off to check your shop now!


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