Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Display case #2

This time I took a few pictures as I went along. I was able to finish it all in one day! It took less time now that I was knowing where I was going with each step. I think this one turned out better than the first one.
Here's a close up of the crosses, I had to cut them each individually so they would fit nice and tight.
Here's a close up of the notch cutting for the crosses.
They slipped into place and were able to be glued as is with out clamps.
Then I clamped on the back and screwed it into place. And that was it! I snapped a quick pic of it side by side with the first one. Cheryl painted it tonight and will put a second coat on tomorrow. I was also able to carve up 4 seats tonight. Some of the pictures will give you an idea of just how small my shop is. I have to move everything to one side or the other just to turn the case. What a fun experiment! Cheryl is thrilled with it and now has the confidence to conscript me into several new projects! (YEAH!) I'm glad I'm winning her trust. I still have to convince her to allow me to add a carving or two to the furniture. I might have a opening with the next project.

1 comment:

Karen said...

You are truly a master with wood!! Love your seats!


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