Sunday, February 22, 2009

Display shelf project

I have been working on a Display Shelf this weekend And over two days It is nearing completion! Yesterday, I was humming right along until I built one of the sides upside down. A minor problem but it messed up my "chi" and I had to finish it day. Cheryl is painting it black as I am writing this so hopefully, tomorrow, I will have a "finished" pic to show off on the blog. She also wants me to build a second one to match this and flank the Television. ( YEAH!) I don't know about other men, But my projects have a "time window" on them, where if I don't get them done by such and such a date, Cheryl will BUY it from the store! Either the project is 1: Expensive, 2: Ugly, or 3: Cheap cardboard furniture that is embarrassing to have in the house. So I do feel a bit of pressure to make things that do not take too much time. I have to carve up some seats tomorrow, so I may not get to the second shelving unit until Monday.

1 comment:

Chrisy said...

Looks great...I really like that crisscross effect on the sides...


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