Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slow Weekend.

Ah well, I've had enough vacation time now. Sold only 3 this weekend! I've had too much down time and it's driving me crazy! I'm about to start carving some stray pieces of wood. It's funny how many tigers We've been selling. Just when I was about to give the design up, suddenly it seems everyone wants one. I wonder what other designs will come back into style soon.


Handi said...

Ethan: I was just thinking.. Looking at the Lion you had on your Etsy.

Why not try to do a Few movie Themes?

Wizard of Oz - The Lion, Tin Man, Dorthy, Scarcrow and Toto walkin down the yellow Brick Road, Or individual.

Aladin, or somekind of Disney Characters... i know my Aunt Absolutely loves Tweety Bird... You never know...

Might hit the Stands... of course, you will have to find or see if it's a public picture or something to carve from...


The Great Ethan Allen said...

I get requests from time to time about doing Harly davison seats and carvings. But besides the legal redtape. I really just don't have it in my heart to carve some of those things. Disney, cartoons, logos, etc. Cheryl gets me to try some "contemporary " designs from time to time, and I always think they fail to sell because I do a bad job, or just lack that spark of creativity that I shodul have in making something. I ususally end up making soemthing thet looks like what I normally do anyway. (Look at the rabbit toilet seat from a previous post) Cheryl wanted me to make it look "cartoonish" It ended up looking like a real rabit sitting among the daisies.


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