Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Origami Pegasus. The full metal!

I tried out my new paper tonight and I seem to have found some of it's limitations. Its great in that it folds well and is very difficult to rip. It has the consistency of paper money. BUT it folds about as well in that it is thick for finer creasing. Ah well. It was fun to work with. As with other fabric paper, it still gradually unfolds. My guess is that I should stick to easier models. I'll need to find either thinner metallic paper for those complex ones. In other news, Cheryl and I finished the complete series and movie finale of the FULL METAL ALCHEMIST! Cheryl is quite addicted. Lucky break for me since she does not like Anime as much as I do. With this series, she has become a fan! ( as in the crazy FANATIC /Trekkie type.) she bought the disks and music and posters! It IS a great anime series that you can totally immerse yourself in. I would highly recommend it to any and all anime fans. You will laugh and cry!

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Spiderbite said...

Aw, I love the pegasus. It's a shame that you say it's going to come unfolded. I have only seen one Full Metal Alchemist episode, but it was somewhat in the middle and I didn't know what was going on. I'll have to watch it from the beginning sometime, as I heard it's great.


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