Saturday, July 4, 2009

Another fox sighting!

That's right. This time around midnight and about 2 miles from our last sighting, we saw another fox! This time Cheryl got a really good look at it. I only saw the tail since I was driving. And, once again, we did not have our camera. Bummer! Besides, it was probably too dark for any pictures to turn out. Now you might not grasp the magnitude of this, but foxes are not like deer or turkeys around here. ( we have LOTS of those!) We even see more skunks, coons and possums on a regular basis. But foxes! And then two nights in a row! Well, it's like winning the lotto of wildlife viewing. And, before I sign off.... Some more origami! Pegasus Gaylor!


diy said...

That is about all the wild life left here. He's survived the following for centuries.

Our "nobility" put on silly gear, red jackets, jump on great bloody horses, surround themselves with a few dozen hounds and chase old Rufus. To eat oh no no. So the hounds can tear him to pieces.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Luckily there is a pretty good population of foxes around here, it's just that you never see them unless you have chickens or you trap them ( not many trappers anymore) I don't see much sport in chasing them all around with horses and a bunch of hounds. Nothing against hunting, but it seems the fox does not have much of a chance with those odds.


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