Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Perhaps on to something big!

Just finished 6 seats for tonight. With the last couple of day being rather uneventful, I thought I would try a new direction for my carving. Cheryl suggested that I start carving simple items and painting them white for an "artistic" touch. Well, I didn't get too far for a couple of reasons, One, I'm a little short on wood. Two, the little stash I had of wood, I had to cut and glue up so I could carve them up at a later time. If all things go well, I might be able to carve into them some time this week. We'll have to see. Oh! And since I didn't post anything yesterday. Here is a little look at one of my old Roe Deer carvings. Out of Cherry. Enjoy, I rather like the position of him.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your wood work brings back lots of memories of nights spent in my shop, along, trying to stay warm with a kerosene heater.


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