Tuesday, July 21, 2009

What a wonderful customer! Happy Anniversary Cheryl and Eth!

First of all, today was our anniversary, ( July 20th, 13 years!) And to kick it off, a dissatisfied customer sent back his seat. And to make it all really wonderful....It was totally destroyed in shipping because they just threw it back in the box and sent it. Nice! Then! He sent a snarly comment that we did not inform him of our return policy ...are you ready? Get this. ON THE VERY EMAIL PRINT OUT MY WIFE SENT HIM WITH THE POLICY ON IT! Well, we were not going to let that ruin our day, so we just want that sale behind us. The rest of the day we spent as usual, but decided to finish off and paint the outdoor furniture. So far it's looking pretty good. It was unfortunate that we could not sit in them and enjoy the cool night air while they were drying. Second coat comes tomorrow! Will take daylight pictures then. Have a good one!


diy said...

May the two of you enjoy many more years together.

As for the customer are n't people wonderful?

paintingpam said...

Great attitude for you to remember what and who is important--each other. Rock on...


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