Friday, July 24, 2009

Wet folding, Finished tree carving, and another sawhorse.

So today I decided I would paint the tree carving and call it 100%totally finished. I'm glad I did! Even Cheryl says it looks better now. At least it doesn't look like a nudist in the front yard. (Remember what she used to look like )I also built a second sawhorse. I should be able to start that next tree carving by the end of this weekend. And lastly, I finally succeeded at wet folding origami. What is wet folding you ask? Its where you take paper and lightly dampen it so it become more ply able, then fold it and as it dries, it holds its shape better. Sounds easy right? Well, I must have made it out to be more complicated than it is. Dampening the paper was a challenge until I took a damp wash cloth and lightly taped the paper until it was uniformly damp. It might not look like much difference, but the shape is solid with no glue. Every similar to the foil paper I usually use. But this is much larger and I should be able to tackle larger projects now. We'll see how the next one folds up. Have a great weekend!


diy said...

Congrats on your tree girl. Looks good to me.

paintingpam said...

The wet folding headline drew me in as I love paper. The girl looks fantastic.

Dave Brock said...

I loved your comment about the naked lady in the front yard. Glad that you finally got some clothes on her for the sake of the neighborhood. :) Nice job on the carving!

Anonymous said...

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