Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Seats, cats, and daylight pics

Even though I have 11 seats to carve, both supplies and boxes have determined that I only carve up 6 tonight. I'm not too worried, they should go out at a reasonable time. As promised, Daytime pics of the wood nymph in the front yard. I'm probably going to paint her because the rotted heartwood is rather unpleasant to look at closely. ( see the yellowish corkboard wood around her neck, chest and top of right arm) I haven't decided the colors yet, but I'll post a picture when it is done. I should have taken a different angle shot than just one straight on. You don't see the shadows very well. Before I go: The part of shop cat was played by red tonight! Oh! And for those anime fans! Black Cat! Enjoy!
Black Cat Episode 1 (DUB)

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