Thursday, July 2, 2009

One seat before the Holiday

We found out that the shipping place will not be open on Friday. So all carvings had to be done tonight up to this point. Then our supplier had not replenished their stock. YEAH! So it';s a typical SNAFU that we only had one seat to carve up. The other two will just have to wait. With the seats having priority, I did not carve much on my big experiment. But I did get a little ways into it while the poly was drying. And! Another Origami Beetle. Slightly different, But still looks a lot like other beetles from previous posts. It goes to show that there is more than one way to fold a design. And one last thing. The NEW full metal alchemist Opening. To be honest. So far, it's like they are trying to cram the last 54 episodes into the first 16 of the new series. But Cheryl says it should pick up soon as it did in the manga. To all those Anime fans ...enjoy!

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