Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Carving, Sanding and some origami

There was not much left to carve at this point so tonight I dove into sanding. after three hours and a huge mess ( outside this time) I still have not sanded every crack and crevice of her. By the way, an angle grinder is very helpful in speeding up the process. But you still have to go over things with lighter grits and finer points. I was very happy with the way the lower half turned out. her pants look baggy with wrinkles and folds. Her boots have a lovely fold around the ankle. Also, the cloak on her back is really looking good. At this point, I will continue to sand the finer points with smaller tools. Then I'll whip out the veiners and smaller chisels to clean up those little leaf lobes. Cheryl says her hair makes her look like she is wearing a bicycle helmet. so there will be more to do with that as well. And before I go.... An origami Tree Frog. It turned out pretty good. even though I ultimately had to use a little glue to keep it in shape. Those Arbies Wrappers just don't like keeping their form after they are folded without a little help. Enjoy!



Loving how the carving looks, and that frog is adorable!!

L. D. Burgus said...

Yes, the folds and bunches look really good. It is coming along very well.


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