Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Wood Elf Carving Day 11, Piliated makes an appearance!

Remember when I said I wanted to be done by Friday? Well... You see the Woodcraft Carving contest deadline is February 28th. So I still have time to submit this carving in before the dead line for a second chance to win those Chisels! I'm so thrilled with the ones I bought at the moment, that I would like to replace all the old ones I currently have. Regardless, these are the chisels I have used up to this point! They have really been great for roughing out that log into what I currently have. ( with a little help from the chainsaw, of coarse!) I was planning on spending the remainder of the week sanding those tough to reach areas with some sandpaper flex strips that I made, But I decided to put forth a little more effort to see just how totally awesome I can make this full size carving. So I worked on the hair and oak leaf shoulder pads. I can see I have a ways to go since I want to do the oak leaf skirt and perhaps the chest area as well. I also worked a bit on the ears tonight as well. I came close to carving them off and making her human....but after a while the ears grew on me and I DON"T want anyone mistaking her for a Indian. ( native American for the PC crowd) Everyone carves those I want to be unique! Also...a little aside: Today we had our Piliated Woodpecker come visit our suet cake. I just left a comment on David Brock's Blog that we have one in our area but I have not seen him lately. Well this finally explains why we have went through three suet cakes over the last week and a half! ( usually one cake lasts several weeks!) They are a really great looking bird, and this guy can be friendly at times Once while out with the cat, he came to check us out so close that I could have touched him had I had a stick in my hand ( yes THAT close!) He really tears up the trees as well around here and greets me when I carve on the dead trees in the back woods.


diy said...

Your getting there , and the Spok ers are a must.

L. D. Burgus said...

It is a marvelous carving. We don't get piliated woodpeckers around here but we do see them rarely in Minnesota. A blogger in Michigan has many, but no cardinals.


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