Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ready for another one?

I decided to keep my sanity, I should start chipping away at that next log that is sitting in the driveway. I didn't get very far tonight, then again, there won't be that time limit on this one like there was on the last one. tonight I imply chipped off about half of the outer bark and a little bit into the wood. In all I removed about 100 lbs of wood off of her. ( two full baskets of wood chunks!) I may just limit myself to a couple hours a day instead of 8-10 like the last one. It will depend on the weather and my motivation. I'm so impressed with my last one that I will have to think hard and long on how I can top that! To keep this post a little interesting. Cheryl and I have started watching Kannon. I cool little anime by the same makers of Air TV. Enjoy the opening:


Terry Quinn said...

How do you anchor a log like that to keep it stable as you chisel into it.

The Great Ethan Allen said...

Easy! It just weights a TON! lol. I work on it for a while until I can tip it over and lift it to a sawhorse. Then after even longer, I lift it to my table. but by then quite a big of the wood is gone. Even so once I tip it back onto its base. it still is pretty heavy enough for me to chisel on it. Just not with the big gouges.


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