Friday, February 5, 2010

Wood Elf day 13. Chest and arm.

All this detail and stuff is fun to carve, but probably boring to read about and look at. After hours or working on her tonight, I still have little progress to show for it. It's like I creep about three square feet of carving per day. Well anyway, I worked on her hand, wrist guard then her chest plate. I really like the way the hand turned out and the wrist guard looks more like a wrist guard and not a deformed forearm. I still have to do the other side and that will be tough with that harder wood. The chest is coming along and I have a long way to go yet to make it all look even. My neighbor says I should easily be competitive in the Woodcraft Carving Contest. There are lots of really great carvings on there and you never know what the judges are looking for. But all this detail and time I'm hoping will pay off in the end. Enjoy!

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